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Vintage Lamps Capture The Essence of A Different Era

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Vintage Lamps -Table, Ceramic and Vintage Floors Lamps.

If you hear vintage and think of old and boring, then you need to change your view and take a good look at the beauty of Vintage Lamps.

You have never seen character like this, but you can only recognize it when you really take the time to appreciate the fine work of art each lamp truly is. Each one takes you back to a time when someone else lived and breathed.

What was that person like?

Not only do they add antique decor to your house, but each also has an element of mystery.

You could sit for hours and try to shed some light on your lamp.

You have Vintage Floor Lamps, ceramic table lamps, vintage hanging lamps, brass table lamps and glass table vintage lamps and with each one comes a rare sense of beauty that that cannot be purchased these days.

You can find old lamps at garage sales, antique stores, and flea markets, but you will not get their full effect until you have them tucked into a spot in your own home.

Those that made these lamps all those years ago had a clear sense of how to gratify most of our senses.

Lamps made today cannot boast the same ability to generate such a strong presence in any room.

Vintage LampsVintage Lamps can stand alone. They are the right amount of style and class; they never appear to go overboard because they come in different shapes, sizes, and colors.

Also, they portray natural beauty and elegance.

Even a home that appears more modern by design can blend in vintage lamps.

Many antiques have been taken care of so you not only have an item of history, but it works as well.

The most familiar Vintage Table Lamps were made by the Chinese, though the company who made them is more than likely out of business.

Manufacturers who make lamps today generally do not duplicate the same style as antique lamps, but there are some who make replicas. Replicas are beautiful, but vintage is real.

Vintage Lamps – Add A Whole New Look and Feel To A Room

Vintage Table Lamps come in so many styles.

They can be and are not limited to cast iron, hand blown glass, depression-colored glass, and many are two-prong lamps.

Thevintage table lamp entire lamp from the base to the shade is antique and very collectible.

This means you can find either a vintage base or shade and still have a piece of history.

You will notice on of these antique lamps if you see one because of their features: lovely hand-carved bases or lampshades that you will not find in your favorite store these days.

Many lamps today are big and bulky.

The ones that are designed to look more vintage are more delicate.

Vintage Table Lamps were not any set size and the beauty was not limited to table lamps alone as there are gorgeous vintage floor lamps, vintage hanging lamps and beautiful variety of table lamps.

They were made to be different. Some can fit on a small shelf, others sit on end tables, ceramic table lamps were highly popular.

It would be and is quite obvious that if a vintage lamp has survived all these years, then they must be made of substance that lasts.

They weigh more than the traditional lamp of today.

At one time, lamps were made to be strictly practical.

In the late 1800’s, lamps became ornamental with their decorative shades, as well as useful.

Various types of glass for shades became popular; slag glass was one attractive style and Victorian another, ceramic table lamps and glass table lamps were equally as popular.

We have all heard of Tiffany, Handel, and Aladdin.

You must shop wisely when searching for true Vintage Lamps because just as most the high end items of today there are cheap replicas being sold as original.

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